#1:What does it matter if Obama was adopted?

If Obama was adopted, this means Barack Obama has kept this fact hidden from the public. Why would he want to hide this fact? It is possible Obama has an amended birth certificate and may have committed fraud to obtain student aid.

#2:Why is Obama’s birth parents listed on his birth certificate?

This one’s easy. Perkins Coie specifically requested the ORIGINAL long form. The original long form does indeed have the “birth parents” listed. If Obama was adopted, he should have an amended birth certificate with updated information reflecting the adoption.

#3:Obama is a natural born citizen. Isn’t any point you’re trying to make already moot?

First of all, Obama may not be a natural born citizen. Second, it is not moot because Obama may have a history of hiding behind aliases and committing fraud. Also, if Obama had Indonesian citizenship, can a duel citizen be considered a natural born citizen? For that matter, do we know for a fact if Obama is actually an American?

#4: You’re lying; Hawaii does not release long form birth certificates upon request. Factcheck has confirmed this. Aren’t your points moot?

At one point in time, you WERE able to obtain your long form if you had a direct interest. This was confirmed by Governor Lingle of Hawaii. Also, long forms have made there way onto the net. All people had to do was pay a fee of around $10 to receive their long form.
What Hawaii regulations actually state is that it’s up to Hawaii to decide if someone requesting a long form should have access to it. There was NO NEED for a court order unless Hawaii specifically denied a request for whatever reason.

#5: Who cares?

I care.