This is a question many Americans are now asking. It is a topic I would like to make one of the main focuses of my blog. So too often we have people completely dismissing “birther” claims without doing any imperative research for themselves. If one were to look at this issue with an open mind, perhaps he/she would be able to see the legitimate arguments this group of people brings to the table.

I hope to provide an unbiased analysis of both “birther” and anti-birther research that I  have discovered over the years. I have yet to come across a site that presents both “birther” and anti-birther evidence objectively. Each group’s preconceived bias usually hampers debate and promotes partisanship. I hope to partially remedy this situation by providing a place where true skeptics and open minded peoples can come and inform themselves. If there is one wish I have for all my visitors, it is that they will deny ignorance.